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WoW: When Gnomes Fly WoW: When Gnomes Fly

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All you’ve had surrounding you for the last few years are but kissing people from deviantart, a site as Stamper says which is full of people who cant animate for shit so think you’re a god(and the ones who can don’t worship you and post yiffy/yaoi most of the time) Honestly, what critical grown up person would join deviantart? The only people on there are the annoying girls who say stuff like ‘omg like lets eat caik!’ and of course they’re gonna like you since you make all these cutesy wootsy movies about muffins. Get the opinions of some serious people who can tell you how to improve your work rather than say ‘That totally great!’ I’ve talked to fans of yours that admit that you stopped making good stuff after resident evil flash edition, listen to your fans. If you’re happy getting reviews from mindless people giving you 10 for everything go ahead, you may as well become a clown if you want to amuse small children. But if you want to keep your old fans who made you big in the first place grow up, make some serious flashes or ones with adult humour, and no that doesn’t have to mean sex jokes since you have this Michael Jackson persona in which you are afraid of the fact that you are an adult. If you make some of those that AREN’T based on videogames and they succeed you should have something to be proud about. Right now if you threw a piece of crap on a plate and filmed it people would vote 10 so don’t you dare say newgrounds isn’t fair as its giving you an easy ride. Maybe you’ve been away so long getting you’re arse kissed on Legendary Lillypad and DA that you’ve forgotten what real life is like and that not everyone is going to love every piece of crap you throw at them. You need to stop living off of the reflected glory of chocobo mix, the song you didn’t even write, yea, I know you’ve made your galactic war saga and Kerrigan but do you actually believe that these 8 year olds that rate your movies 10 can actually read let alone have read some boring arse sci-fi rip-off. Make your decision, do you want to fade into flash history as some novelty movie maker or put the work in and make something good.

Peace Out- Jenova_Absolute and Rikimaru_Strife

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